Islamabad – The heart of Pakistan

Though it may not have much stories to tell because of its brief history, Islamabad is a perfect blend of the modern metropolitan life embedded with the jewels of nature. The city has experienced a property boom mainly because of its well-planned infrastructure and therefore, it has always been our first choice along with many tourists, residents, and investors as well.

Who are we?

BMI CORNER offers you the one stop solution for all your commercial needs. Ranging from exquisite shops and offices in a complex, tailored to meet your needs. Offering you shops of varying sizes in a pristine location and providing you with not only a satisfying investment return, but also your peace of mind.

What’s it like?

An extended massive land mass solely dedicated to commercial expansion offering the only type of retail around that cares about you! The commercial plaza offers much more than just a corner to sell what you want, it offers you an identity – by choosing to affiliate with the BMI CORNER you choose for yourself a remarkable distinction over other commercial brands, making you the only brand around that’s truly “one of its kind”!

The Pros

The Cons

NONE! Come see for yourself

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