Despite the Landmark 2024 General Elections, is Pakistan Out of the Crisis?

On 8th February, 2024, the Pakistani nation participated actively in the crucial General Elections. Before we go into the details, let us spare a moment to applaud the nation, for participating so actively in this exercise, despite the odds.

Here is a glimpse of the challenges that voters faced in the 2024 General Elections:-

  • A very volatile and deteriorated law and order situation, across the country.
  • Severe economic hardship, coupled with the escalating cost of living.
  • Uncertainty around the fate of one of the country’s largest political parties, whose uniform election symbol was disallowed due to procedural irregularities.

However, eligible voters demonstrated immense resolve to participate in this high-stakes political exercise, and cast their votes despite multiple challenges.

Traditionally, General Elections bring some degree of certainty and stability in the country, as political forces get a fresh mandate from the masses to take crucial decisions. The changes that elected representative makes after reaching power corridors, impact millions of people for months and years.

The Dilemma of a Split Mandate

Every major political party in the race for General Elections desires a sweeping majority, or at least a simple majority, paving the way for implementing its agenda or manifesto. However, that is seldom the case in politically charged and polarized countries like Pakistan.

Apparently, the 2024 General Elections have also resulted in a split mandate, with no individual political party being able to clinch even simple majority. However, this apparently split mandate comes in the backdrop of extensive rigging allegations by the overwhelming majority of the participating political parties.

The Challenges of a Hung Parliament

A country’s parliament is the powerhouse for legislation, which paves the way for formulating pro-masses policies. In a hung parliament though, which is the outcome of a split mandate, there are multiple coalition partners, with their own manifestos, priorities and agendas.

This really complicates and delays the process of legislation, as even the simplest pieces of legislation become a lengthy and never ending process of give and take. This really hampers the ability of political parties to deliver on their promises, which they make during their election campaigns, or in their manifestos.

What is the Way Forward for Pakistan?

Pakistan is currently faced with multiple challenges, and the last thing we want is more political uncertainty and turmoil. So, here is a workable roadmap for the country, which will enable all key stakeholders to steer this country out of this quagmire:-

  • There should be a thorough investigation of all irregularities and rigging claims, across the country.
  • All genuinely aggrieved candidates, whose results were falsely altered, should be notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), regardless of political affiliation.
  • This move will settle the dust around which party has actually won how many seats, and will streamline the government formation process.
  • All those responsible for conducting the process fairly, but were unable to discharge their national duty with fairness, should be heavily penalized and prosecuted.

The Way Forward for Political Parties

Amidst all this chaos, a lot also rests on the shoulders of political parties. They also need to show maturity and accommodation towards other political rivals that have been given mandate by the people of Pakistan.

The sooner a clear picture emerges, the better would it be for the speedy formation of governments, both in the center and provinces alike. This in turn will instill a sense of confidence among the markets, investors, and other key stakeholders of the country.


Pakistan stands at a critical juncture, where failing is just not an option anymore. Every important stakeholder of the country should show restraint, maturity and pragmatism to come out of this multi-dimensional crisis.

God forbid, if the current situation persists, then there is nothing but more chaos, confusion, uncertainty and turmoil. Each one of us needs to play a part in stabilizing the country, and the bigger someone’s authority, the greater is the responsibility.

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