Capital Smart City (CSC) and Lahore Smart City (LSC) – A Tale of Delivery Amidst Adversity

Pakistan is passing through a very turbulent time for the past two years or so. We had expected that the Feb, 24 General Elections would bring some sort of social, political and economic stability in the country, but that does not seem to be happening as of now.

The country’s real estate sector has been among the worst hit areas amidst all this unrest and uncertainty. The real estate sector, due to its inherent nature, is highly dependent on a positive sentiment and outlook.

Whenever real estate investors sense the slightest of uncertainty, they halt their investment plans, and shy away from the market. Well, this is true for any sector of the economy in general, as we have always heard that capital is very shy.

From an investor’s standpoint, capital gains are a secondary consideration. Investors value an environment of stability and certainty the most, as they feel comfortable that they would be able to exit from the market whenever needed.

Despite these adverse circumstances, there are still some world class real estate and housing development brands in Pakistan, that are consistently delivering on their promises.

One such reputable and trusted name in the industry is Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL), which is developing two game-changing projects of its own, Capital Smart City (CSC) in Islamabad, and the Lahore Smart City (LSC) in Lahore.

CSC & LSC – The First Smart Cities of Pakistan

HRL was a pioneer in launching the first purpose built, fully smart and sustainable real estate mega project of Pakistan, by the name of Capital Smart City, in Islamabad. It is located on the Islamabad to Lahore – M2 Motorway, with direct access to M2 via a dedicated interchange.

The project’s second access is through the Chakri Road, which also ultimately connects with M2, via the Chakri Interchange. In the near future, CSC is likely to get access to the Rawalpindi Ring Road as well, work on which is underway at a fast pace.

With the overwhelming response received in CSC, HRL also decided to launch another purpose built, smart real estate mega project in Punjab, by the name of Lahore Smart City.

As the name suggests, LSC is located in the prime region of Lahore, with multiple access points via M2 Lahore Islamabad Motorway, the Lahore Ring Road, and the Grand Trunk Road.

CSC and LSC – Delivery Amidst Adversity

Despite tremendous financial and logistical challenges, coupled with skyrocketing development costs, HRL is steaming ahead with persistent development progress in both its projects, CSC and LSC.

The best part about HRL’s delivery is that it has never compromised on quality, or giving world class amenities. The development plans for CSC and LSC are in line with the highest international standards for community living, with the vision of making both CSC and LSC fully sustainable cities in the future.

Whether it is the landscaping, road infrastructure, connectivity expressways, boulevards, parks, or public amenity buildings, the development standards are top notch and cutting edge.

Special attention has been given to seamless drainage of water, and its conservation, adding to the overall sustainability of these mega projects. Despite the prevailing economic uncertainty, financial slowdown, and sky-high inflation, development work on both CSC and LSC is in full swing.

The best part is, HRL is maintaining its rapid development pace, despite the fact that a lot of its members are feeling in-capacitated to pay their installments on time. This speaks a lot of the commitment being demonstrated by HRL, that they will maintain a steady development pace, despite the challenges.

Get Possession of Plot in CSC with 30% Payment

Upholding its tradition of rapid and consistent delivery, CSC is offering possession able residential plots to its new members, with just 30% up-front payment. Rest of the dues will be payable as per a comfortable installment plan, spanning 2 years.

This level of delivery, with world class planned amenities, is a new benchmark in the country’s real estate sector. Over the past few months, we have seen a lot of developers feel in-capacitated to carry on the development of their projects.

Invest in CSC and LSC with Brick

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